A Libyan company specialized in organizing exhibitions, we work today through a group of exhibitions aimed at achieving sustainable development for Libya:

Zuwara Maritime Exhibition and Conference - Libya Oil, Gas and Renewable Energies Exhibition and Conference - International Exhibition for Small and Medium Enterprises - The Big Four - Libya Furniture and Furniture Fair - Bride and Fashion Exhibition - Tripoli Exhibition for Cars and Spare Parts

Our mission: Working to create a direct communication space between the various economic stakeholders and decision-makers.

Our Exhibitions

Sakerexpo organizing exhibitions and conferences -

Benghazi International Communications and Digital Economy Expo and Forum 6-9 / 5 / 2024
Trablus Formula MOTORSHOW apr / 2025
Libya oil, gas and renewable energies Expo 14-17 / 10 / 2024
the international exhibition of furniture and furnishings
Big 4 Show
Zwara Maritime Expo

Our services

We manufacture and manage events, exhibitions and conferences, prepare the proposal, the identity of the event, and its administrative and financial system, from the idea to the formulation and management of content. And provide all services from the beginning to the end of the event. Our focus is on achieving business success, focusing on time and within budget, taking into account commitments and delivering work in a way that meets the needs and desires of customers and exceeds their expectations.

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Building and Construction

Oil and Gaz
Industry and Production
Cars and Accessories

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